Updated by Andy on April 24, 2013

Welcome to Hymas Wood

This site was originally intended to share some of my amateur photography but has since developed to also show and share some of my Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects. While I hope to make the code readily available over on GitHub, I will provide more information here along with pictures, video clips and updates on what I am working on.

Please get in touch I always enjoy hearing from new contacts.

Hymas Wood Kegerface

Updated by Andy on April 24, 2013

OK so the long awaited project is finally nearing completion...check it out here. I am in the middle of uploading the code to GitHub and hope to have this completed at the weekend. As soon as I do, I will post a link here.


Updated by Andy on May 4, 2013

Look what arrived from China yesterday! £15 for 100 tags. At 15p each how could I refuse? So I have spent all morning soaking beer labels and laminating them then assigning a tag to them and finally change my code to account for all the new tags. Can't wait to try it out this bank holiday weekend!