About Me

Updated by Andy on June 13, 2012

I have been interested in Photography since a young age when my parents gave me a yellow plastic film camera from Snappy Snaps, but it is only recently that I have gone further with my hobby. Since buying my first D-SLR a few years ago I have only now started to expand and explore my knowledge of photography to the point where I am happy with my photo’s and want to share them.

My interest in Computers started when I was slightly older in the Juniors at my Primary School. Windows 95 was a massive improvement to the previous BBC computers that noone really knew how to use at the school and I loved tinkering around with them and fixing them when noone else knew how. The interest grew and grew, fuelled by TV shows like Bugs, Star Trek and Spooks. At secondary school I got to grips with MS Access and I still use it on a daily basis either for personal or business use, and have a hard time understanding how people can't understand it's benefits over MS Excel! When I first started work, I bought the best laptop my first pay check could buy (a Dell Inspiron 9100) and have carried on acquiring new machines since. I wanted to delve into Linux but could never quite get the hang of it, until the Raspberry Pi came along. I waited months for it to arrive, and now it has I am finally getting more into electronics and open source programming. I will never leave Windows behind as it serves a purpose for me and I am still a lot more comfortable on a Windows machine but I am enjoying the challenge that Linux has brought me.

I am based in South Benfleet in Essex and love living so close to the water. There is nothing more relaxing than spending a day in the local area with my camera.

I have fond memories of the Norfolk, Essex, Kent and Sussex coasts from my childhood and love revisiting those places to take photo’s and enjoy them all over again as an adult.

My cat Twiglet also features heavily in my photo’s as he is just so adorable…

Why Hymas Wood?

Updated by Andy on April 25, 2013

When I moved in with my Partner, our Cottage was already named but we decided to change it. Hymas is my Partner's Mother's Maiden name and Wood is my Mother's Maiden name, hence Hymas Wood. It was a way of showing how much our Mum's meant to both of us and to hopefully give them a lasting legacy.